We feel we owe a debt to Tigercub, who helped bring about a much-needed cultural revitalization in Brighton since 2012.

The rock band, fronted by Jamie Hall, emerged as the unlikely champion of the then downtrodden and struggling local music scene.

Their latest album, Abstract Figures in the Dark, consolidated their enigmatic breed of grungy alt-noise pop and elevated the status of Tigercub significantly.

Friday evening saw the homecoming of the band, who have been on an immensely successful two-year European circuit. Tired as they must be, they showed no signs of slowing down.

Tigercub’s sound inhabited Concorde 2 beautifully, the shadowy aesthetic matching the bands sinister sound, a sound which lands them somewhere between bands such as Radiohead, Health, and Liars.

Frontman, Jamie Hall’s voice was guttural yet melodic, at times resembling the tone of Mark Lanegan, who played on the same stage last month.

James Allix remains, as ever, an exceptional drummer; his lattice-like arrangements peaking through the unabating drudge of Jimi Wheelwright’s bass.

The set kicked-off with the as yet unreleased Nausea, followed by older favorites, Antiseptic and Destroy. Abstract Figures in the Dark was a highlight of the night, which, compared to the record, was performed with a more pronounced overall crescendo.

The band were joined for Centrefold by none other that Steve Ansell from Blood Red Shoes, however, not before Ben from Royal Blood brought shots of tequila onto the stage.

They wrapped up the performance with a favorite of many, Control, to which there was crowd surfing and generally uncivilized behavior.

Catching up with the band later, we talked about the record to come, which they are working on at the moment. Without revealing too much, you should expect more noise and more big things.

James Erskine