2manyDJs’ annual residence returned to Concorde 2 on Friday, with the dynamic duo in excellent form for their sold-out show.

With their 2002 album As Heard on Radio Soulwax pt. 2 being an essential feature in house parties across the planet since its release, it makes sense that a show put on by the same masterminds 16 years on would gain so much attention.

With their revolutionary take on modern dance music, we are hit with big beats, killer bass, and hundreds of tracks through the night – the mish-mash of genres blended seamlessly from deep-house to indie.

It’s a funny thing, what a great DJ set can do to a crowd. The result is effervescent, and there’s not a soul in the room that isn’t possessed with euphoria.

Three hundred people in unison as the pair split and splice rhythms with almost reckless abandon, doing what copycats can only vaguely imitate, their speed ferocious.

It’s no wonder these pioneering Belgian dance brothers are regarded so highly in our city, and have a dedicated fanbase who return year after year for one of the biggest parties to hit the winter season.

By the end of the night (a late one at 3am) it is fair to say that – at least for the audience – dry January had been well and truly thrown out of the window, with each reveller more drunk and high on the night’s music than the last.

For those who, like me, have followed the Dewaele brothers since their Soulwax days, it was an expectedly brilliant night. But I envy those who are new to the duo’s live shows. I imagine, for them, it was nothing short of magical.