Greg Davies is the kind of comedian you are either going to love or hate.

In his own words, if you know him from The Inbetweeners or Man Down, you’ll love his stand-up material. But those who know him from Taskmaster may be slightly offended. And those who know him from Cuckoo? Well they may as well just leave.

Fortunately, there was not an empty seat in the house come curtain call, even after this revelation. And it’s just as well.

You Magnificent Beast is a biographical journey of sorts through Davies’s life – from his adolescence right up to the present day – with all the most shocking, offensive material highlighted in vivid yellow pen.

And, despite his 6ft 8in stature and the fan who grabbed his throat and screamed at him as he passed in a car through London, what he really wants us to believe is that he’s really not a magnificent beast at all.

From anecdotes of his parents’ behaviour to his narrative on quotes heard from his friends that cause him to question everything he knows about them, Davies aims for one thing only. To make us cringe.

It’s a rare form of art to cause an entire theatre to belly laugh through gritted teeth and a face hidden in their hands, but Davies manages it with aplomb.

Of course, as is the case with all comedy performances, there’s a softer, personal touch too which shows depth in the comedian’s character (at least, the one he allows us to see). But this is contrasted with a cameo appearance by an old school friend toward the end.

Still, the song dedicated to his father (and all fathers, for that matter), is a really nice touch and sees juvenile humoured Davies at his best.

I left the theatre aching from laughing so much. I’m certain I was not the only one.