FOR the last 15 years adult audiences in Brighton have found relief from post-Christmas blues with the antics of Brighton’s Original Alternative Pantomime Company.

Since the demise of producer Brian Ralfe the standard has dropped a little but this year’s offering restores it to a quality production and to a level of humour that can appeal to both gay and straight audiences.

Although the material may not always be for the faint-hearted it has at least dropped its excessive Anglo Saxon language. Writer Brad Fitt (yes, That is his real name) has taken the essence of the Snow White story and distilled it into a fresh potion full of wit and naughty innuendo.

Directed by Simon Fielding the show sparkles with lively choreography, strong singing and extraordinary performances especially from the cream of drag artists.

Heading these is Sandra (Sandra London) who uses his colour for outrageous jokes and is hilarious moving among the audience, ad libbing and insulting outrageously. Equally good at audience interaction is Topsie Redfern (Nathan Kiley) who has a whale of a time putting a member of the audience through some saucy antics.

Topsie, when not demonstrating her great singing, also gets to deliver a pun groaning routine involving a shopping trolley and cleaning products.

There are strong vocals from Lascel Wood, who plays all of the dwarfs, Russell Keith and Jason Prince, who also form a comic double act. Further comedy comes from Cassidy Connors (Wezley Sebastian) as the carer to Nurse Maisie Trollette played by the legendary David Raven who at 84 is probably the oldest drag act in the country.

Appropriately he gets to give his version of Sondheim’s I’m Still Here. The show is still in need of tightening up and the video for the magic mirror is a major weakness.