I FIRST came across the hip-hop songwriter Stefflon Don – real name Stephanie Allen – while watching Jools Holland back in May 2017 and was immediately hooked by her fierceness and especially signature song 16 Shots.

And now here she was in Brighton at the Concorde 2 in a sold-out show, delivering 90 minutes of dynamic rap goodness.

She looked stunning, wearing a stylish beige glittery-fringed-bodysuit and a beautiful long blond weave. She was nothing less than glamorous. Throughout the gig it was evident the singer was having a great time.

The performance was only her second gig of her first ever tour, and her eagerness to connect with her audience was obvious, her enthusiasm contagious.

The atmosphere was buzzing. Supported by four dancers and a DJ, she kept the energy at such a high level making it hard to stay still.

When your setlist includes such surefire fans’ favourite 16 Shots and Hurtin’ Me and your show incorporates audience participation, you really can’t go wrong.

The audience, which was mainly made up of young women, were invited on stage on two occasions.

The first time, four women were picked to compete in a twerk-off with the remaining spectators acting as judges. The second time she had invited about fifteen women on stage to dance.

In these moments, Stefflon appeared approachable and down to earth. The crowd loved it. However, there was one downside to the evening: phones. Mobiles really are a hindrance in any concert.

As soon as Stefflon made her first appearance on stage I was surrounded by flashes of light, obstructing the view. At times, watching the performance on someone’s screen was easier. Apart for this obstacle, however, the show overall was a winner.

When I looked back at her performance on Jools Holland last year, she seemed tame compared to this no-holds-barred Brighton show.

Her stage presence has incredibly improved, making Stefflon Don an artist well worth keeping your eye on.

Sophie Quin