SIBLINGS Jack and Lily Wolter played a spellbinding gig in Brighton as they serenaded the Green Door Store with a blissful collection of new material.

Returning to the city as part of an extensive European tour, the four-piece showed they have come a long way since the release of debut LP Comfortably Swell back in 2015. A packed venue greeted the band as a euphoric instrumental opened the show.

The familiar Round provided a reverberant building block, with spacey ambience setting the tone of the night. Huge instrumentals dispersed into minimal, dreamy interludes as energy slowly grew throughout.

Enchanting vocal harmonies quickly evolved into increasingly intricate guitar solos, as brother Jack toyed with feedback to enhance the elaborate soundscape.

Cut Your Hair’s jarring chords briefly countered the dreaminess, before an ominous drum break provided a breather. This allowed frontwoman Lily time to regain her seat in front of a vast selection of vintage keyboards.

There was barely a silent moment as the group floated through the set, leaving the audience suitably mesmerised. The seamless live performance was a far cry from any recorded material put out by the band up to now.

The totally immersive set left everybody present excited to see what the future holds for Penelope Isles.