Amit Patel, an amateur jazz enthusiast from Dalston venue Brilliant Corners, hosted another Played Twice event.

The first half involved sitting and listening to seminal jazz album Miles Davis, A Kind of Blue. Listening to a record with a 300-400 strong crowd was an illuminating experience.

Hearing the music on vinyl through a good sound system highlighted the nuances of the music. The joys of vinyl were only broken when sound of the needle and the blowing of fluff abruptly ended the first half of the album when Amit turned it over.

A band appeared on stage next with Byron Wallen on trumpet, some members of The Invisible, Dave Okumu, guitar and Leo Taylor, (John Taylor from Duran Duran’s son),drums, Steve Aguelles, drums and Robert Stillman, tenor sax.

It was the first time Byron had played with the band and when asked how long they had been practicing for this he replied, ‘all our lives’. He only joined the band that morning. It was brave to follow Miles Davis and John Coltrane, but they were not trying to be like them.

They had something different to say on their instruments and their own take on the album. The track Blue In Green lost some of its melancholy, replaced with a brighter trumpet. Electric guitar was added giving an unexpected and spacey feel to All Blues.

Tracks were elongated and slowed down in accordance with the experience of listening to a live band and brought up questions about the contrast between live and recorded versions of the music.