If the world really did end and we had to design a new planet then powering it should be no problem.

Forget harnessing the sun’s rays or building countless windfarms, all you’d need to do is plug Comrade Boo and Commandant Gill into the national grid. The brains behind this madcap two-person show simply do not stop for 60 fun-filled, if slightly bonkers minutes.

Between them the pair – who call themselves the Incredible Rebel All-Stars – play a host of different characters including a four-legged Les Dennis, a robot policeman and an alien called Darren 4000. The premise of the show is that something bad has happened to the Earth and the All-Stars have taken it on themselves to build a replacement.

They do so with plenty of help from the audience with dozens of children roped in to assist in all manner of tasks which just adds to the chaotic nature of the performance. While there is an environmental undertone it is only very gentle with more emphasis put on what farts should smell like on a new planet and what the optimum number of legs is for a donkey!

Not everything hits the spot but the show moves on at such a pace that the next crackpot idea is never far away to keep the kids giggling.

Steve Hollis