Hailing from Australia, Head First Acrobats are back with this adult show Circus’sission.

It incorporates a rotating cast each night, with different guest artists from Fringe shows being give the opportunity to showcase their acts. On Friday night, the packed Bosco tent’s hour-long show was opened with a hoop artist performance.

This was followed by a comedian demonstrating wacky moments such as an eskimo blowing cubes from his nostrils, then a magician catching cigar boxes.

The highlight of the accompanying acts was Melissa with her bow and arrows, performing a burlesque act, choreographed to Avicii’s Addicted To You. She amazed by shooting an arrow at her target using only her feet, whilst balancing upside down.

The night was compered by Head First’s Cal Harris who bantered with the crowd and performed a slightly gross trick with a balloon up his nose.

However, he only got to showcase a short amount of his acrobatic prowess in this show when he balanced fellow Head First acrobat Rowan Thomas on his head. In fact, the climax of the evening was Rowan’s act.

Managing to play it cool, whilst demonstrating incredible technical skill, he performed a strip tease whilst spinning in the wheel to Joe Cocker’s You Can Keep Your Hat On, which ended in the Full Monty, to whoops of delight from the crowd.

Despite their comedic charms, it would have been nice to see more of Head First Acrobats physical feats, especially as their stand-alone acts are strong enough not to need being filled in by others.