We’ve all been to a rubbish barbecue where the promise of a sunny afternoon and tasty food succumbs to awkward conversation and neighbourly embarrassments. But this one is different - nuclear war is imminent.

In this consistently hilarious play, written by Daniel Searle and Heather Minor, the audience is faced with a successions of characters who make this surreal production a funny, touching and absurd experience. The musical begins with a couple deciding to have a BBQ, with Dan warning of the arrival of a motley crew of eccentric guests. Songs are sung about utensils, people, food and the weather.

Gathering around the fake sausages are a new age hippie, a regulation-obsessed neighbour, a pet owner with a tin-foiled guinea pig and a gold-chained friend. All of the characters break into song while the food cooks over the flames. You’ll laugh at the lyrics knowing you’ve met some equally random characters in your own life. 

Eventually the couple hosting the BBQ allow the weird and wonderful community to join them and they all enjoy a pleasant afternoon. That’s until a bizarre singing wasp descends on the party with a description of the Bristol stool chat.

Luckily everyone relises the BBQ, and for now, nuclear war is averted. A thoroughly satisfying show.

Kate Franklin