Think Pete and Dud, Bird and Fortune, Morecambe and Wise. Think a pair of comedians striking sparks off each other in ever more fantastical flights of fancy and then think Katy and Rach.

Here are two actresses taking flight without an aeroplane in an hour-long show of totally improvised comic dialogue.

“I leave my teabag in. What do you do with yours?” says Katy, prompting Rach to suggest she needs more time off.

Surreal stream of consciousness discussion over an erotic method of de-fluffing woollen jackets gives way to a conversation between a heart surgeon and his orthopaedic counterpart involving alligators and sudoku which makes you profoundly hope that art does not imitate life but allows for the unnerving suspicion that it might.

Award-winning actresses Katy Schutte and Rachel Blackman’s comedic drama, directed by Alexis Gallaher, is designed to combine the humour and spontaneity of improvised theatre with the emotional complexity of a modern play.

The tiny stage upstairs at Three And Ten is bare, save for a few hard chairs, but mime and imagination transform it into a hospital waiting room, street scene or front parlour. You can smell the non-existent cigarettes.

Add the curious sensation that both girls are having the kind of conversation occasionally overheard from the bus seat behind (which might make you miss your stop) and you have a rather wonderful experience.