A year ago The Vaccines were on the cusp of a magical summer. They blazed a trail across the festival circuit with a series of blistering sets, packed with their perfectly formed collection of pop gems.

Twelve months on, though, with the pressure of a follow-up album breathing down their neck and having gone from playing clubs to arenas in such a short space of time, there was an obvious question to be asked: could The Vaccines pull it off? It was a question with a simple answer: yes.

They could and they did.

Any fear the band were about to run before they could walk was quashed with a set that oozed three-minute thrills and adrenaline-soaked guitars.

Essentially, this band of well-to-do upstarts have something that nobody can really argue with and that is tune after tune, having followed in the lineage of The Kinks, The Ramones and The Strokes.

They played with the urgency of a band who had been told to sing a catchy chorus or the kitten gets it.

The looming spectre of the notorious second-album-syndrome also seems to be a bullet The Vaccines have dodged.

The batch of new songs slotted into their set neatly, alongside their tried-and-tested three-chord staples including If You Wanna, All In White and a breathless Norgaard.

The naysayers will continue to nay for sure, but it would appear if there is one band that has warranted the hype of recent years, it’s The Vaccines.