Returning for a second year, Brighton Horrorfest celebrates all things spooky. EDWIN GILSON rounds-up the events that will send shivers up your spine

Decide-A-Quest: Horrorfest!

Wednesday, October 18, 7pm

The audience takes control in this interactive live experience. Whichever path you choose, you can bet there will be shocks along the way. The consequences of making the wrong decision will be deadly.

The Other 1%: What is a Ghost?

Friday, October 20 and Sunday, Oct 22, 7.30pm

Featuring genuine, unexplained footage which seems to point to the existence of paranormal activity, this event aims to explore the possibility of the supernatural.

Pickman’s Model

Friday, October 20 and Saturday, Oct 21, 9pm

A chilling adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s classic short story. This production promises to investigate the line between an artist’s genius and his madness.

Talking to the Dead

Friday, October 20 and Friday, Oct 27, 10.30pm

Two magicians who go by the names Griffin and Jones use techniques from the Victorian era to ponder the question of whether we can interact with the dead.

Spooky Sussex

Monday, October 23, 4pm

No prizes for guessing what this event is all about. The folklore of Sussex is rich with ghosts and ghouls, and renowned tour guide Nick Richmond gets to the bottom of some of these tales.

Spooky Tales Puppetry Workshop

Monday, October 23, 1.30pm

A chance for children and their parents to make some of their own ghoulish puppets – and then tell a spine-tingling story with them.

Father of Lies

Tuesday, October 24 and Sunday, Oct 29, 8pm

A gripping theatre show about an unresolved murder case in West Germany in 1973. Features haunted priests and satanic cults.

The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney

Wednesday, October 25 and Thursday, Oct 26, 8pm

A suitably dark puppet show from the renowned arts company Barely Human Puppets. A tale of obsession, murder and, er, confectionary.

Ava Beaux: The Mysterious Tales of Poe

Friday, October 27, 8pm

Edgar Allan Poe, the master of horror – and inventor of the detective tale – is put under the spotlight in this show by storyteller Ava Beaux. Enter the dark mind of the famous author but be warned, you might be disturbed by what you find.

One Women Alien

Sunday, October 29, 6.30pm

Cast Iron Theatre present their brilliant and bizarre version of the classic Ridley Scott movie, Alien. Science-fiction meets horror in a unique show.

Brighton After Dark: The Murder Tour

Sunday, October 29, 8pm

Nick Richmond is back with this “indoor virtual murder tour”. The event will give the audience a clearer understanding of why Brighton was often referred to as “Queen of the slaughtering places” in Georgian and Victorian times.

Adventurers Wanted: Plague

October, 20, 21, 27 and 28, all 7pm

This four-part role-playing experience sees participants battling to survive the plague as it ravages civilization. Light and cheery, then.

Brighton Horrorfest, all events at Sweet Dukebox or Sweet St Andrew’s, Brighton, Tuesday to October 29, for the full programme, more information and to book tickets for any of the shows visit