The village of Bosham on the western edge of West Sussex is rich in atmosphere and history, even making an appearance in the Bayeux Tapestry. Natalie Leal takes a walk around the pretty coastal village learning of ancient kings and incoming tides and exploring the surrounding countryside


Park up in the pay and display car park and take the signed path out to the main road.

Turn left and walk down to the shore.

You will pass a gateway to Holy Trinity Church on your right which is well worth a visit.

The church dates back to Saxon times and retains much of its original architecture.

It is most famous for being featured in the Bayeux Tapestry and there is a replica panel on display.

According to legend, King Cnut, the eleventh century Viking leader who invaded and became King of England, gave his famous orders to turn back the tide in Bosham.

Another intriguing artefact in the church is the memorial stone to King Cnut’s daughter who is believed to have drowned nearby and be buried in the church.

In Victorian times the coffin of a young girl was discovered in the building and is believed to be her.

After visiting the church, walk down to the water’s edge then turn left and follow Shore Road.

Be warned, this road floods when the tide comes in so always check the tide timetables before setting off.

At low tide follow the road with the sea wall to your left until you reach the old school house then turn sharply left onto the road.

In a few yards you will see a signed footpath along a narrow alleyway to your right.

Take this and follow it all the way to the end where it meets a lane.


Cross Taylor Lane and climb the steps up to the field, then follow the clearly defined path straight ahead.

At the end of this field continue along the public footpath into the next field and keep in this direction for a further 400 yards or so through the fields keeping the hedge to your left.

When you reach a metal gate turn into the lane.


At the road turn left and follow the quiet lane straight ahead for approximately 400 yards.

Just after you pass the farm buildings on the left, the road bends around to the right.

Leave the road here and take the signed footpath through the farm gate.

Walk straight ahead with trees and bushes to your left and open fields to your right.

At the end of the field follow the path around to the left and continue ahead.


When you reach a farm track go straight across and then take the signed public footpath almost immediately to the left.

Follow this footpath straight ahead with trees to your right and fields to your left.

After approximately half a mile you will arrive at some farm buildings on your left and a wide grassy alleyway running through the houses.

Walk along here until you reach the road.


As you come out onto the lane by Rectory Farm bear left and follow the road straight ahead along Walton Lane with fields to your left and residential houses to your right.

Continue straight ahead ignoring any roads turning off to the left and right.

Follow it for about half a mile back into the village and the start point of your walk.