You’ve just released your first single Untouchable, how has the response been?

It’s been really positive – the single launch was amazing, we managed to secure Blue Bound and Isle of CC to support us. The vibe was electric, everyone was dancing and we all loved it as a band. I think it was our best performance to date.

Tell us about the music you are inspired by.

I wouldn’t say it was a genre but more so artists. My biggest inspirations are Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, D’Angelo and Ella Fitzgerald. They tell a story with their voices and they all have their own energy and vibe. That’s what I like to do with my own music and I hope that’s what people can take from it.

There are seven of you all, how does this affect the writing process?

It’s Thomas (our guitarist) and I who are the sole songwriters. When I joined the band most of the instrumentals were already in existence, so I just listened to what was already there and then wrote melodies and lyrics with Tom’s help. Zara and Emma, our backing vocalists were able to help with the harmonies, so in essence it’s really a collaborative project. We start with a basis and end up with a song that everyone has contributed something to in the end.

Who are your three main inspirations are as a band?

Everyone has their different inspirations musically and when that comes together it creates a really nice sound. But speaking on behalf of the band, I would probably have to say Betty Davis, Sly And The Family Stone and Funkadelic.

What’s been the biggest show you have played to date?

Probably the single launch at Patterns and the Green Door Store. Most of the gigs we’ve played have been so different, but I enjoy most of them as people always seem to get into it and dance and have a good time. From every gig you seem to learn something and get a bit more confident each time. I am excited to see where we can go as a band.

You’ve recently changed your name to Moxxy, meaning a “force of determination, drive or character”, do you think this best represents the personalities of all members and the band itself?

Definitely. It took us a long time to find a new band name. We talked about it for a couple of months as we knew we needed to change it because our previous name Hush was already a band name. It was when Turlough, our bassist suggested Moxxy that we all thought it was just perfect and seemed to work really well with us as people and a band.

Your voice is soulful and powerful. Who are your main vocal inspirations?

Thank you. As previously mentioned I take inspiration from the likes of Janis Joplin, Nina Simone and Melody Gardot. For me it doesn’t have to sound perfect – the most important thing is what you are saying and performing is real and honest. Any vocal changes that happen in the meantime I don’t mind, because it tells a story and a truth.

You’ve released your new single via QM records based in Brighton, has it been easier for you to promote the single and your band this way rather than doing it all off your own backs?

They’ve helped us so much – not only with the music but with all aspects such as promotion, photos and so many other things. They’ve been a great support system, especially because we’re a new band. They have taught us what we need to know because they’ve been through it all themselves before.

When and where can we expect to see you play next?

I’m in Holland currently so the band is taking a break. We’re still writing and working on new material and ideas, so keep an eye out for later on this year when everyone is back together.