THE world’s first live entertainment show featuring YouTube stars is coming to the South East.

The Billion View Club shows the journey of a young boy attempting to create his own viral hit video, with live music, comedy and interactive games along the way.

It is hosted by YouTube sensation DomVlogs, real name Dominic Marcus, who will be joined by singer-songwriter Sapphire and the Spirit Young Performers Company, making up a cast who have more than 170 million video views between them.

Dominic said: “This is a very cool step forward in theatre life and I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

The production, which describes itself as a “truly millennial, affordable and immersive theatre experience for all the family”, is premiering at the Harlequin Theatre and Cinema in Redhill on April 16.

Sapphire said: “I honestly just love the whole concept of bringing YouTube to a live stage.

“Hopefully we are all able to inspire the next generation to go out, experience the world and achieve their dreams.”

The Billion View Club aims to engage children with the theatre by offering a “cost effective alternative to pop concerts”.

It aims to provide a modern, interactive and immersive theatre experience.

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