DJ NORMAN Cook will open a festival as it returns for its second year.

Lagoonfest takes place at Hove Lagoon, next to Norman’s Big Beach Cafe, on Saturday, September 7.

The event was started last year to raise money for the upkeep and maintenance of the lagoon.

The festival is set up by the Friends Of Hove Lagoon, a community group which uses the site to benefit the area.

Councillor Robert Nemeth, who represents Wish Ward and is chairman of the Friends Of Hove Lagoon, said: “Last year was a fantastic success, we raised more than £8,000 for the lagoon.

“The money all went towards the community, including our planting scheme which will help us plant plenty of flowers in the lagoon to make it look amazing, a really welcoming space.

“This year will be more of the same.

“There will be all sorts of fun activities, stalls and bands for people to enjoy over the course of the day.

Norman Cook will be back in attendance, he’ll be making an opening announcement to kick off the festival.”

More than 6,000 people attended the festival last year, which saw Norman, also known as DJ Fatboy Slim, put on an impromptu gig for visitors.

People part in activities such as paddle board racing, a dog show, tai chi, and a raffle.

Cllr Nemeth hopes this year’s event will be just as successful and will highlight everything the lagoon has to offer to the community.

He said: “My favourite thing about Lagoonfest is that it’s a true community festival.

“It brings together hundreds of volunteers and thousands of participants from across Hove and beyond.

“The festival is about showing off what a great place the lagoon is.

“We set up Friends Of Hove Lagoon to make sure that the site continues to improve, rather than being neglected. We’re such a welcoming group and we hope to see as many people as possible there to enjoy the day.”

Lagoonfest is free and will run from 11am until 4pm. For more information visit the Friends of Hove Lagoon Facebook page.