SOCIAL media website Facebook will be giving out free coffee for one day only.

On September 1, the website will set up a pop-up cafe at the Flour Pot Bakery in King’s Road Arches, Brighton.

The Facebook Cafe will run with a select menu of free coffees on offer.

While customers wait for their drinks, representatives from the website will be showing how to run privacy checks on your Facebook.

The quick check-up allows people to tailor their Facebook settings, personalising how much information is seen and by who.

Customers who don’t want a free coffee can still be served by their regular barista and opt out of the privacy checkup.

Steve Hatch, vice-president of Facebook Northern Europe, said: “It’s normal to worry about who can see the things you share on social media, but not everyone knows what they can do about it.

“That’s why we have made customising your privacy settings on Facebook quick and easy.”