Komedia, Brighton, Monday, September 16

THE words to describe this show would be intelligent, engaging, and very funny... and all with a unique insight into marriage and family enduring in spite of and because of never holding back.

Sindu Vee’s acclaimed touring show delivers wisdom as casually as pieces of chewing gum, wrapped up in rich flavours of intimacy.

Essentially a snapshot of her own relationships with her husband, children and mother Vee makes her own stories of cultural and generational differences relatable in a universal manner before you’ve even realised it, prompting thinking so delicately that before you know it you’ve both laughed and learned.

All this is, of course, aided with the help of some banging punchlines, many of which are a great cultural justification for academically overly ambitious Asian mothers.

With excellent angry, clever, thought- and laughter-provoking support from Sameena Zehra, this was a night to truly enjoy.

Victoria Nangle