Eddie Izzard

Brighton Dome, Brighton

September 27 to September 29

EDDIE Izzard loves a challenge but now he is preparing to say goodbye to comedy and take up his toughest task to date. Jamie Walker caught up with the Sussex-born comedian.

THIS could be one of the few chances people have left to see Eddie Izzard perform stand-up comedy.

The 57-year-old has made no secret about the fact that he would love a career in politics... not least as an MP for his beloved Labour Party.

“I don’t have a set date to start a political campaign, but this is probably my last tour before politics,” Eddie explains.

“I don’t do political comedy, I may touch on some things but not a lot. Once I stand as an MP that will get very serious.

“I can continue performing during politics by doing charity gigs but I probably won’t update the show.”

And with everything that is happening in British politics, from Johnson versus Corbyn to Brexit, what does the potential future MP, from Bexhill, think of the country’s landscape?

“It is tough times for us as a nation, we seem to be going back to the 1930s and things are falling apart. Churchill’s dream of the united countries of Europe seems to be being taken apart.”

In what could be his final hurrah before delving into the political landscape Eddie will be exploring the history on the human race and he’s keen not to hold anything back.

He said: “I talk about everything from the Big Bang up until last Tuesday. It’s humanity’s journey.

“It’s very surreal, influenced by Monty Python and Richard Prior. I throw everything and the kitchen sink in there. My theory of the universe is even thrown in for good measure.

“I think we’re just so lucky to have this time. So many things randomly happen, there have been five mass extinctions, so we are so lucky.

“There are times when things are bad and times when things get better, so it’s nice to talk about life and experience and make it positive in my usual style.”

But this is not your everyday stand-up show. Eddie Izzard has never been someone who does things the easy way. This is the same person who once attempted to do 27 marathons in 27 days, and succeeded.

And in that same vein the comedian has taken this stand-up show and not only perfected it in English but also in French, German and Spanish.

“I developed the show in Paris and Berlin so it’s really built in a 21st century way,” Eddie explains.

“So many people perform in English now because you can perform it anywhere. But people are quite surprised when I show up in their country and can perform the show in their language.

“It’s well tested. I did two and a half months in America, a month in Australia and New Zealand and another month in Central and Eastern Europe, so it’s in a good place.”

He may be a world traveller but Eddie is always fond of returning home.

He was raised in Sussex, primarily in Bexhill and Eastbourne, and is always pleased when his tour affords him the opportunity to return to the south coast.

Next week, between September 27 and 29, Eddie will play three shows at the Brighton Dome.

To prepare for the shows, which will be only the second city on his tour following a three-day run in Birmingham, Eddie returned home for an intimate show at Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion.

“The Bexhill show was great,” Eddie said.

“I was at the Cooden Beach Hotel and saw people who went to the show and they said they loved it which is always nice.

“But it’s always great to play Brighton.

“Growing up in Bexhill and Eastbourne, Brighton was always the big city to play.”

No matter where in the world comedy takes him, Eddie Izzard is someone who never seems fazed by the challenges thrown at him.

As he prepares to say goodbye to comedy, for a while at least, he is always on the lookout for something new he can accomplish.

Will being an MP be a challenge he succeeds at? Only time will tell.

Eddie Izzard brings his Wunderbar tour to the Brighton Dome from September 27 to 29. For tickets and more information and tickets visit www.brightondome.org.