A TV star and writer is debuting her new show, Planet 9, in the city this month.

Rose McGowan, known for her role in the hit sci-fi television show Charmed, will delve into her much publicised past at the show at Brighton Komedia on Monday, September 30.

Rose is known as one of the key figures of the #MeToo movement, as one of the first to break her silence on the issues she had faced in showbusiness.

She has previously spoken about how she was the first to come out and accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexually abusing her.

That accusation led to more, and the whole #MeToo movement was born as a result.

In her autobiography Brave, which she released last year, she refers to Weinstein only as “The Monster” and in some previous interviews she has refused to discuss him altogether.

In an interview with The Guardian earlier this year she said that some days she can handle saying his name and on others it is like “a bullet”.

The 45-year-old, who has also appeared in cult classic horror film Scream and The Doom Generation, has also openly spoken about how “disgusted” she was by the fact New York Times won a Pulizer Prize for their piece on #MeToo saying she was the one that spread the story wider.

Brave saw McGowan open up about the trauma she has faced in her life but has now said that she will not be defined by those moments.

Now an activist for the #MeToo movement, Rose’s Planet 9 will see the actress take the audience on a journey that comprises film, music and live performance.

The shows have been designed to encourage discussion and debate between the host and the audience.

Tickets for Rose McGowan’s Planet 9 cost £20 visit komedia.co.uk.

Harvey Weinstein denies the allegations made against him.