Brighton Open Air Theatre, Hove, Friday, September 20

CONTINUING an important Shakespearian tradition, The Three Inch Fools tour the country bringing the wild worlds of the Bard to audiences night after night.

This time, it was the windy stage of Brighton’s Open Air Theatre that was treated to their production of Macbeth.

Following a witch’s prophecy, Macbeth ascends to the throne in 11th Century Scotland through bloody means, to meet an equally bloody end.

With original music composed by Stephen Hyde, the production was a rich and joyful telling of the tragedy, with ample amounts of comedy and intense drama packed in along the way.

The cast were seamless in their many character changes, costume changes, and instrument changes, and the performances were engaging, passionate, and comedic throughout.

Samuel Freeman was incredibly strong as Macbeth, having performed in the production five times previously, and enjoyed cheeky interactions with the audience on several occasions.

Folk music added colour and much-needed breathing space in this tightly packed play, and made the production perfect for children and adults alike.

It was this element in particular, along with the unique interpretation of some of the play’s characters, that will make this production extremely memorable.

Punchy, passionate, and brimming with energy from the first line, The Three Inch Fools have created a wonderful and unmissable retelling of the Scottish play.

Lois Zoppi