Eddie Izzard

Brighton Dome, Brighton, Friday, September 27

EDDIE is back with a bang as he takes us on a journey from the big bang right up until last Tuesday.

Before embarking on a political career, where he’ll be campaigning to be an MP, aiming to focus on love rather than hate and to “make humanity great again” he’s treating us to one last show.

The aptly-named Wunderbar is one big, eccentric, history lesson, taught via his trademark ramblings and stream-of-consciousness delivery that quickly moves from one thing to the next.

His interpretations of what might have happened throughout history, such as a day in the life of a dinosaur and our earliest ancestors reaction to mass extinction make you question whether it actually did happen that way.

It’s easy to get lost in parts, and he admits we’re basically watching someone muck around in their bedroom, joking that this show is really just for his benefit.

But his tangents do have meaning and are more often than not metaphors for human behaviour.

The second half takes a personal look back at the challenges in his life, from his time in Northern Ireland at a young age to the multiple charity marathons he’s completed.

But his imagination soon gets the better of him and we’re back to comparing ancient gods to marvel characters and reinventing Lord of the Rings.

He ends the show with a positive encore, dedicating his theory of the universe to his late mum and dad who he speaks fondly of throughout, and reminding us all that everyone should have the right to a fair chance in life.

If his forthcoming political career is anything like his career in comedy he’ll certainly be making the world a better place.

Collette Orwell