An Evening with Brydon, Mack and Mitchell

Three and a half stars

Brighton Dome, Brighton, Tuesday, October 1

AS THREE of the funniest and most well known television comedians around it makes sense that Rob Brydon, Lee Mack and David Mitchell bring a TV quiz style show to Brighton.

The trio were warmly greeted by the audience who, unlike most comedy shows, were just as much a part of the show as the three stars.

The first half took on the aforementioned quiz format, which Brydon acting as question master.

Mack and Mitchell compete against each other to answer questions - which had been answered by the audience ahead of time.

These questions had been curated to each city the group visited, making for a nice, personal touch.

The questions range from “what is Brighton’s best tourist attraction” to “which of the three men on stage is the greatest lover”.

To find out the answers you’ll have to see the show tonight or tomorrow.

They intersperse the questions with their own brands of humour - and Brydon even busts out impressions of Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, Steve Coogan and Brighton’s own Chris Eubank, he’s actually pretty good.

The second half saw the trio answer question from the audience, and some of them were just bizarre.

One woman asked if she should go to a drug retreat to Newcastle with her ex, while another wondered whether she should tell her brother she loves his best friend.

If you ever thought Brighton was normal, think again.

This half was slightly better than the first but really the audience made this show.

The performance ended in style as - thanks to an audience suggestion before the show - Mack took a penalty kick against Mitchell, who was dressed as a pineapple, while Brydon sang Queen’s We Are The Champions. Mack went the extra mile and put on a Brighton and Hove Albion kit.

The off the cuff nature of the performance was fun but I can’t help thinking three separate stand up sets may have been more enjoyable, but for those who like the trio on TV this show is just the ticket.