Brighton Dome, Brighton, Sunday, October 6

FOLLOWING support from Hoxton rapper Kojey Radical which prepped the crowd nicely for what followed, Canning Town rapper Kano came on stage to greet a sell-out crowd that was already chanting his name.

This – the penultimate night on the tour for Kano’s 2019 album, Hoodies All Summer – began with Free Years Later, the opening song from that album.

The opening continued with a trio of his more introspective songs from that most recent album, before the crowd erupted at the sound of Ps and Qs, the early grime classic from 2005’s Home Sweet Home.

Often rapping on the beat, it was hard at times to distinguish what Kano was saying as the Brighton Dome system was pushed to its limits.

This crowd didn’t need to hear though, as most seemed to know all the words and were right there with him.

Highlights of the night included ever popular The Endz, 3 Wheels Up, the aforementioned P’s and Q’s, Teardrops, and the softer return to the introspective Got My Brant Got My Beats

Growing more intimate with the crowd as time went on, Kano voiced his appreciation for the their continued support during his fifteen year independent career and reminiscing on his previous visit to Brighton, three years previous.

Over the course of the night Kano brought out an array of orchestral backing including choral backing, piano, trombones and a recurring tube that led some of the night’s heaviest beats.

This gave the performance a carnival vibe that came to a head when he gave just one more last song, which had the balconies jumping with the rest.

Kano will close his tour tonight with a homecoming London performance, at the Royal Albert Hall.

Hugh Finzel