Brighton Centre, Brighton, Wednesday, October 9

SEVENTEEN years after his win on Pop Idol and Will Young is still one of the few TV talent show winners who hasn’t disappeared or lost credibility.

The “an evening with” format makes it sound like a casual low key conversation between him and the audience, but it was far from it.

Switching from uptempo tracks to slower ballads throughout, he kicks off with Sixtiess inspired Love Revolution, followed by a handful of lesser known songs from his latest albums.

But he knows what the fans are really here for.

The audience - consisting mostly of original Pop Idol teen viewers who are now grown up and accompanied by their husbands - want the stuff from the early days and he doesn’t shy away from giving them favourites such as Light my Fire, All Time Love and Friday’s Child.

It’s hard not to like Will Young.

He’s loveable and chatty and comfortably walks about the stage to interact with his band, and surprises the crowd with some quirky additions to his set - namely having a costume change and reappearing dressed as a ship.

But the most impressive part of the show to state the obvious is his voice.

His vocals are soulful, distinctive and effortless and pack a punch as the evening draws to a close.

He belts out a back to back trio of hits; Grace, Switch it On and Jealousy in one almighty burst of energy before slowing things right down for the encore Leave Right Now.

He’s come a long way since the early days but still remains that nice down to earth bloke who continues to have a passion for what he does.

Collette Orwell