Once pinball machines were so ubiquitous The Who wrote a song about them for their classic Tommy album. And arcade machines were so popular worldwide that 1980s Japan suffered a coin shortage.

Visit a modern arcade today though and the pinball and Space Invaders consoles have been replaced by two-pence pushers and fruit machines.

Now in its third year, pinball and arcade game fanatic Will Barber’s South Coast Slam brings together more than 100 much-loved machines of yesteryear all set to free play.

There are also open tournaments, special guests including pinball designer Steve Ritchie from Chicago, and a charity raffle for a full-size 1990s pinball machine raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Starts 10am to 6.30pm Sat, 10.30am to 5.30pm Sun, £10, free for children with a paying adult. Call 01903 239349.

For more visit www.southcoastslam.com

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