Will Oldham is one of the great mavericks and a mysterious figure of modern American music.

He hates the idea of fame so much that he's spent the best part of his career recording under a series of pseudonyms. In the past the Kentucky singer/songwriter has been Palace, Palace Music, Palace Brothers, Palace Songs, Bonnie Billy, most recently Bonnie Prince Billy and occasionally, just like God made him, plain old Will Oldham.

Now the musician with the biblical beard returns for a rare tour in his Bonnie "Prince" Billy guise peddling new album The Letting Go.

Like him, OIdham's music is intense, quiet and very often bleak with God, death and sex regular guests. His songs have earned him a "hillbilly gothic" tag that he hates, and fans including PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and the late Johnny Cash.

In the past he's collaborated with post-rock collective Tortoise, Matt Sweeney, alt-country act Silver Jews and appeared in a handful of films.

Oldham wasn't always a music man, he stumbled into it after he grew "tired of speaking other people's words"

during his fitful and parallel career as an actor. He's appeared, albeit fleetingly, in his friend Harmony Korine's Julien Donkey-Boy and in last year's US indie hit June Bug.

The po-faced singer's latest surprise was his venture into stand-up at a Chicago comedy club. Who knows, he may even throw a couple of knockknock jokes into his show.

  • Doors 7pm, tickets £17.50.

Call 01273 709709