At the grand old age of 23 Patrick Wolf has been refining his talents for more than half a lifetime.

It started 12 years ago when Wolf first experimented with car boot sale keyboards and tape recorders and has resulted in one of the most original sounds in pop.

A former choirboy who has played more instruments than a streetwalker - he's proficient in the harp, harpsichord, organ, theremin, ukulele, viola and violin - his influences embrace everything from PJ Harvey to Stockhausen.

He counts Bloc Party, who he's toured with, among his biggest fans and his third and latest album The Magic Position features performances from Marianne Faithfull, Larrikin Love's Edward Larrikin (see above) and members of the Symphony Orchestra of Vienna.

It also features the song Accident and Emergency which recounts the time he fell out of a speeding coach while touring as a choirboy and ended up in a coma.

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