On The Radar #95 Salford Sorcerers

FOLLOWING the release of debut single Magicman in October, Brighton-based duo Salford Sorcerers – aka David McCarthy and Anthony Malzard - try to remember their biggest gig and reveal the best way to ride out a bidding war.

David: “I’m originally from London. The leyline UK network map is to blame for us being called the Salford Sorcerers instead of the Sussex ones.”

Anthony: “Also Salford is my middle name. However, I'm originally from deepest Essex.”

David: “We met under auspicious circumstances involving charts, notations and PR dark arts.”

Anthony: “And tigers. Although we can't say too much about the whole "big cat" situation as the tiger actually has a better lawyer than us.”

David: “Our main influences are Love, Chaos, Chemicals and the Funky Drummer.”

Anthony: “And Yoko Ono and Sonny Bono.”

David: “Our biggest gig was at a location on the north side of the South Downs. Upwards of 5,000 people saw the sun go down and rise again later, many dressed in colourful robes and tiger masks dancing to the sound of what the government used to call 'repetitive beats'.”

Anthony: “I have no memory of that evening. Which makes me quite sure that is was as amazing as described.”

David: “Our bidding war was the only war that could ever be enjoyable and it happened after the lovely Nemone played a white label promo of Magicman on BBC 6Music. The next day BMG and Universal got in touch and wanted us to sell our souls, but a few days later Corsair wanted only to buy our hearts.”

Anthony: “War is hell. When my grandchildren ask ‘what did you do in the bidding war, Grandad?’, I shall tell them ‘I put the kettle on and gritted my teeth’.

Anthony: “We chose Magicman as the lead single because it's magic. Man.”

David: “And it's the only tune we've finished so far!”

Anthony: “The album will rinse your mind, friend. Forget everything you've ever known about amnesia.”

David: “We've got 23 tunes in various stages of development to finish and then we'll choose the next single and sort the album tracklisting. After that, world domination!”

Anthony: “The future is now. Anything beyond that is a super hyper future, and we haven't really planned for that. Although we are toying with three dimensional acid transfigurations. But they could take years to perfect. Apparently, the future has sharp corners.”

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