How did your band first form?

Dan: I got into contact with our singer Lucy, as I wanted to start a band with a female singer – a female fronted heavy rock band. I loved Lucy’s style from when we were both on the song writing diploma at BIMM last year, so I knew her voice would go well with the genre I was looking for. I asked her if she wanted to start a band with me.

Lucy: I was super excited when Dan asked me. I was getting bored with my solo stuff and always knew I would like being in a band. We’re like a little family now.

What was it like playing together for the first time?

Josh: It was at my first rehearsal and we all just clicked straight away although we’ve changed our sound quite a bit through the process.

Lucy: It was a good rehearsal, we had good vibes from the start. There wasn’t any friction.

Dan: I think if our personalities clashed at this point we would have stopped being a band.

Josh: We’re all similar, similar in a way that’s different. We are all very driven and all want the same thing which is to get our music out there and show everyone our love of music and performing.

What previous musical experience do you have?

Lucy: Everyone has some, we’ve all been making music since we were little.

Travis: Our backgrounds are really varied. Dan’s writing used to be focused on hip-hop. Myself and Josh have done quite a few indie projects and experimental work. Having this broad musical knowledge helps us create the sound that we are after because we can draw elements from other genres.

Which artists influence your work?

Dan: I would say Don Broco and Marmozets. A little bit of Peace and the way they use the trippy guitar with their insane pedal board. I also like Paramore.

Do you carry any messages in your music?

Lucy: Not specifically and I guess music should be subjective. I like to write about my own personal experiences but in a way it’s not always super obvious. To me, the lyrics have personal meanings and stories and if people can learn from and relate to them then that’s great.

Do you all participate in writing the songs?

Dan: It is very much a group process for us.

Lucy: We mainly write the instrumental parts first and later on, I add lyrics. Sometimes I do ramble and add random phrases that come into my head until something fits.

What new tracks are on the horizon?

Lucy: We have recently recorded our single Circles in London and it is coming out soon.

Dan: It’s coming out on Friday, April 13, and it’s quite a nice little tasty beat. We have got loads of songs and idea’s in the works so hopefully there will be some good songs coming your way.

What about gigs? Do you have any coming up soon?

Travis: We are playing Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on the April 20. For this gig, we have been moved to second support which is a big step for us so overall, we are all pretty excited. Anyone who’s willing to come along and support us, the tickets are on sale now and you can find links to our gig on our social media @badlawsofficial.

Dan: We are planning on playing some more gig nights around Brighton soon too.

How is juggling the studying, rehearsals and performing at BIMM?

Lucy: It isn’t so bad actually. We’re pretty lucky as we do have the same gaps in our timetable. We’re making sure we’re really tight on making rehearsals on time.

Josh: And communication. The band is everyone’s main priority.