FOLK duo Dandelion Charm will be performing the refreshing sounds of their new EP to a small audience later this month.

Following the release of their highly-acclaimed Riding The Flood EP last month, Newhaven-based couple John and Clare Fowler will be playing songs from the new five-track EP with a full band at Coast Cafe’s Coastal Connections in Worthing.

John and Clare combine prog, folk and rock influences into a blend of intricate harmonies, melodies and superb musicianship with heartfelt lyrics that emanate with their audiences.

“The themes we deal with in our songs are not frivolous ones,” says Clare. “They are all about aspects of real life, things that we’ve seen or been part of. Fear and self-doubt, optimism and determination, family, relationships and addiction are some of the emotions and situations we explore on Riding The Flood.

“We’re very excited to be bringing our new songs to Worthing. John and I are playing with some incredible musicians who bring to life John’s epic production on Riding The Flood.”

With a background working in a commercial studio, John brings more than 20 years of song-writing and production experience to the duo.

Meanwhile, Clare is a seasoned visual artist and performer and her love of storytelling manifests itself in her emotional lyrics that are portrayed in a heartfelt manner.

There are three key elements to Dandelion Charm, including Olah, John’s custom-built jumbo 12-string guitar.

The pair say the instrument is an essential part of the sound they create together, which is at the forefront in both the songwriting process and their live performances.

“We crowd-funded for Olah and I ended up with this amazing beautiful-looking instrument,” says John. “With Dandelion Charm it’s the first time I’ve made music where I’m not trying to please anyone but it’s hugely rewarding seeing others who love what we’re about.”

The duo’s sound can be seen in a similar light to that of Fleetwood Mac meets Opeth or CSN meets Yes.

Very much a personal as well as a creative partnership, Dandelion Charm have been memorably described by a reviewer as ‘like Fleetwood Mac without the drama’.

Reviewers have also said that all the drama in the duo can be found in the songs they produce.

Their new release follows their debut album Tiny Drop, which featured songs such as Skywalker, Birdcage and Flowerchild.

Songs such as September, Riding The Flood and The Spark on the new EP give exisitng fans and new listeners a deeper understanding of the connection that allows the duo to create such a unique and enthralling sound.

The duo also recently played a gig at The Brunswick in Hove with a full band to mark the release of Riding The Flood.

Local favourites from Worthing, Antidote, will be supporting Dandelion Charm at their upcoming gig in the town.

The five piece folk/rock band released their own debut single Don’t Bury Your Head after seeing their song Monster Feeling receive a positive reception in the French iTunes chart.

Dandelion Charm can be seen at the Coast Cafe in Worthing on March 31.

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