Before the Brighton-based indie band play a gig in the city, singer and guitarist Jack Wolter talks to JOELY MCEWAN

PENELOPE Isles have come a long way since two of their members were studying at BIMM Brighton.

And while they have been busy touring across Europe over the last few years they have not forgotten about their hometown – not least because they are currently recording new material in Brighton’s Bella Union studios.

“The people who first twigged us and helped get our band off the ground are all in Brighton,” says Jack Wolter. “It’s a really important place for us.”

Penelope Isles consist of siblings Jack and Lily Wolter, Becky Redford and Jack Sowton. While none of the band grew up in Brighton, Lily and Jack Sowton moved here to attend BIMM.

The four-piece released their first EP Comfortably Swell in 2015, which introduced listeners to their blissful boy-girl melodies and carefully layered guitar tones. Triangle Face Man, one highlight from that record, shows off Lily’s soft but arresting voice, accompanied by Becky and Jack Wolter’s backing harmonies and light drum beats. In terms of the new songs Penelope Isles are currently working on, Jack says they can’t be released soon enough.

“I’m so impatient, so the time in between sessions is frustrating,” he says. “But I think the songs will sound better for it.” He says we can expect to hear some of these tracks at Penelope Isles’ Brighton gig but their debut album won’t be available until later this year.

In the meantime, Penelope Isles will keep trying to win over new fans. That quest appears to be going well. “People seem to enjoy our music here in Europe,” says Jack, who is speaking down the line from Germany.

Despite their travels, the Green Door Store concert still means a lot to the band – especially as it’s one of their favourite venues in Brighton. Jack’s not so keen on the price of a can of beer, though. “A fiver for a tinny?”

Penelope Isles have also been supporting a number of established bands of late, including The Magic Numbers and Lost Horizons, the new project of Bella Union founder and former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde. Jack says that the members of his band are usually calm and composed before any gig. The only exceptions were the shows Penelope Isles played in support of fellow Brighton group British Sea Power.

“That was a bit nerve-wracking as the venues were really big and busy,” says the singer. Unlike some bands, Penelope Isles seem to enjoy spending time together. Jack jokes that his role is the leader of the pack. “I’m like Peter Pan and the others are the Lost Boys,” he laughs. “Or maybe it’s more like Fagin and the gang or Mary Poppins and the kids. You get the idea.”

As for the future, Jack envisages the band “driving quad bikes, wearing wax jackets and eating lots of food – but still making exciting music”. On a more serious note, Penelope Isles seem destined for big things in the next year or so. The support from Bella Union and fans across Europe points to promising times ahead.

Their Green Door Store gig may be the last time to see them in an intimate venue.

Penelope Isles, Green Door Store, Brighton, Wednesday, 7pm,