HAVE you ever been heading home after an evening at the pub with friends, family, or colleagues and thought 'I fancy watching a man dance to There's No Business Like Show Business with a firework up his bum'?

Yes? Well, the perfect show for you has arrived in town.

The producers of The Lady Boys of Bangkok have launched their after-hours cabaret club show The Night as part of the Brighton Fringe.

You can find it inside the Sabai Pavilion outside St Peter's Church and it is a more bizarre offering than a taxi ride home.

The Argus: Afterhours Cabaret Club ‘The Night’

Starting at 10pm, prepare to sit-through a spectacle of circus performances accompanied by a fantastic live band.

Some of the acts certainly go down better with a glass of wine, or two.

I'm not sure I would have made it through sword swallower Bloody Bones shoving an electric drill up his nose without some Dutch courage.

The Argus: Afterhours Cabaret Club ‘The Night’

Contortionist Anaelle Molinaro bent her feet up to her ears while compere Abi Collins poured a cocktail while balancing the glass on her forehead.

Hand-to-hand acrobatics from Oskar Piotrowski and Mateusz Kanigowski were the runaway show-stealer. A highly impressive routine that received - and deserved - the loudest cheers of the night.

The Argus: Afterhours Cabaret Club ‘The Night’

However, owing to my particularly puerile humour and the aforementioned wine, I particularly enjoyed Chris Lynam's nonsensical dramatics.

Highlights include the comedian, described as "funniest man on the planet" by Eddie Izzard, shooting a "member of the audience" in the leg.

I use quote marks as I'm guessing the audience member was a stooge... at least judging by the fact that the show continues to welcome eager punters most nights of the week.

And, of course, his naked "dancing" routine to the Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun song with a heavy-duty sparkler spraying out his backside.

Some acts weren't for everyone. My guests could barely watch at points and I'm sure the table next to us got up and left. To be fair, they may have been going for more drinks at the bar, which remained open and popular for the duration.

The Argus: Afterhours Cabaret Club ‘The Night’

However, if you don't want to call the end to your evening as the publicans begin to eye-up their "last orders" bells, take yourself and your fellow revellers for an hour and a half of fun at The Night.

You have until Saturday, June 26.