Kate Beckinsale showed her sense of humour by sharing a text exchange in which she asks her daughter if she is using drugs – because she dreamed she was.

The Underworld actress, 45, shared a screenshot of her message to Lily, her daughter with her ex Michael Sheen, asking: “Are you doing a lot of cocaine?!?”

Lily, 20, replied: “Um..?? I’m doing 0 cocaine.”

When the actress did not respond, Lily wrote: “What is happening?? Hello??”

“I physically couldn’t be doing less cocaine. U can’t send me that and then go silent.”

Kate then replied: “I had a dream you were and I was so mad.”

“You are a LUNATIC,” Lily texted in response.

The actress shared the messages on Instagram, joking: “Worth checking in case had suddenly become soothsayer in sleep.”

Kate has teased Lily on social media before, once sharing an embarrassing snap of her pulling a face and previously recreating her birth photo for an Instagram post.