1. Start in the car park behind the convenience store in Barcombe Mills. Come out the car park and turn left. In 30 yards take a footpath on your right between houses. Follow it along the left side of a recreation ground and across a footbridge into a field, keep left.

In the next field turn left in 25 yards, at the corner turn right within the field to follow its left hedge. At another corner go over a footbridge and through a gate. Keep right in the field, exit through a gate into a narrow section leading to steps and out onto Cooksbridge Road. Turn right.

2. Find a footpath on your left in the hedgerow. Aim to the right of trees then cross the large field. Go over a footbridge. Veer diagonally left to a fingerpost, then turn right to walk diagonally across the field you are still in to the left of a large tree.

In the opposite corner go over a stile and continue across a field. It is here near Curds Farm, that you would be walking on the SGW. Go over a stile and keep right in the next field for 500 yards onto Town Littleworth Road. Turn left.

3. Ignore the first footpath on your left. After 700 yards, take a footpath on the left. Continue through fields down to a concrete farm bridge. Keep left in the next field. Just before the corner turn left into the neighbouring field, turn right, follow the corner and cross a footbridge on your right. Keep straight in the next field crossing a farm track.

Go over a stile into a field with a wood on the right. Exit via a stile. Carry on to a hedgerow, cross a footbridge and keep left in the next field. Exit onto a road junction and proceed straight ahead on Church Road. In 550 yards where the lane bears left go right, signed ‘Culver Farm’.

4. In 30 yards turn left onto a footpath, later fenced-in between gardens. Veer right to a gate then on across an open field. In 300 yards at the field edge turn left over a footbridge and walk across another field. Go over a stile and cross a low bank.

Go over a stile and cross a field to a footbridge and soon cross another. Meander to a stile. Keep right in the next field. Over another stile and keep right leading out to Barcombe Mills Road. Turn right.

5. Here you are on the SGW. In 150 yards turn left down a disused railway line. In 200 yards turn right up steps onto a footpath. Walk between horse paddocks.

Meet a lane, turn left and re-join the SGW. Pass through a gate and after a lane on the right walk as far as another gate, you have reached the end of the SGW.

6. Turn around and retrace your route back to the steps. Go up the steps opposite. Keep right in the field and in 200 yards reach a road and turn left. In 200 yards reach point 5.

Go over the same stile but head upwards diagonally to the right. Go over a stile and cross a field. Go through trees and down to reach Church Road. Turn left.

7. In 300 yards go over a stile on your right and aim for the far right edge. Then go over a stile and aim for the far left edge. Go over a stile and keep right. The path veers into woodland on the right. Go down to a gate and climb up a bank.

Near the top turn left to keep hedgerow on your right. In 100 yards turn right and enter a field; keep left, path will pass between gardens. On reaching a road take a footpath to the right. Turn left at a small sub-station and continue out to Barcombe Mills Road. Turn left. In 100 yards at mini-roundabout turn left. In 50 yards you reach the car park again on your left.