This month’s ride with Nick Marks is a leisurely lap of our beautiful city of Brighton, to be taken at your own pace. It involves some busy roads but all of them can be crossed at pedestrian crossings, making it suitable for younger riders too.

1 - Start at Dyke Road Park opposite the Booth Museum on Dyke Road. There is a good cafe here with views down over the park to the sea. Ride up Dyke Road, going straight ahead at the traffic lights. Take the second left down Hove Park Road, over Shirley Drive and all the way down to Hove Park.

2 - Cross over into Hove Park, turn right, and follow the wide path up around the top of the park, looping round to the left and finishing back at the junction with Park View Road and Old Shoreham Road.

3 - Turn right on to Old Shoreham Road, then at the big crossroads turn left on to Sackville Road, following it down under the railway bridge.

4 - Take the third turning on the right after the bridge. This is Montgomery Street; follow it along through Poet’s Corner until you reach Rutland Road. Turn left, then follow this long avenue all the way down to the sea, as it becomes Rutland Gardens, then Sackville Gardens.

5 - Cross over Kingsway and turn left on to the seafront cycle path, following it all the way along to the Palace Pier (about a mile and a half).

6 - Just before you get to the pier roundabout, cross over at the lights, taking the road over the roundabout and straight ahead up Marine Parade.

7 - After a few hundred metres, turn left up the New Steine, and follow it up to St James’s Street.

Turn right, and follow this road through Kemp Town, until it becomes Bristol Road.

8 - Turn left up Montague Place, then left on to Eastern Road, following it for about 200m and taking the second right, Park Street.

9 - Follow Park Street through the gates into Queen’s Park, then turn right on to South Avenue and East Drive, riding up around the eastern edge of the park.

10 - Ride around the top of the park, then turn right on to Tower Road, riding up to the Pepperpot. Turn left on to Queen’s Park Road, then immediately right down Southover Street, following it all the way down to The Level.

11 - Cross over at the lights, then turn right and ride round The Level, joining the road again at the far corner where Union Street meets Ditchling Road.

Cross over Ditchling Road on to Baker Street, and ride down to London Road.

12 - Turn right on to London Road and ride along to Preston Circus. At the lights, turn left and ride up New England Road to the Seven Dials roundabout.

13 - Go all the way round the roundabout, taking the final exit, back on to Dyke Road. Follow this road over the junction at BHASVIC, and finish up again at Dyke Road Park.

* Time: One hour at a gentle pace.

* Difficulty: Moderate. This route will test younger riders’ skill and stamina. Not recommended for riders who have not completed the National Cycle Training Standard Bikeability Level 2.

* Thirsty work: Cafes all along the route. Queen’s Park cafe is particularly nice.

* So you don’t get lost: Brighton and Hove Street map.