1 - Starting at the bottom of The Drive in Hove, follow the seafront cycle path westwards until you reach Wish Road. Turn right, ride up over New Church Road until you reach Portland Road, then turn left. Continue until you reach the junction with Boundary Road, then turn right and cross over the railway line, continuing up to Old Shoreham Road.

2 - Turn left and continue past Hove cemetery until you reach the junction with Lock’s Hill, then turn right. Follow the road up the hill, then down left and through the old Portslade village centre. The road will start to rise again. As it veers off to the right, go straight ahead, past some garages, until you reach a bridleway.

3 - Turn right, crossing Mile Oak Gardens and continuing up into a field. Carry on into the next field, then start to bear left, following a rutted track up towards the highest point on the hill.

This path will take you over the A27. Keep high and left; you will see your path clearly in front of you going up to the top of the Downs. Stop at Thundersbarrow Hill to climb up on to the barrow itself and admire the panoramic view. Continue on northwards.

4 - About 300m or so before the path reaches the top of the Downs, turn left. At this turning you will see the first of the Monarch’s Way signs; these will guide you fairly reliably all the way to Worthing, but there are a couple of red herrings. Follow the track over undulating ground, with a lovely long descent into Upper Beeding.

5 - Turn left down Henfield Road, then go right at the roundabout and follow the road through Upper Beeding until you reach the large roundabout junction with the A283. Take the second left up Maudlin Lane, and follow the road up past Maudlin Farm until you reach a T-junction. Turn right, then immediately left on to Sopers Lane.

6 - Follow this winding concrete road for a mile and a half until you reach a main road. Turn right and immediately look for a path that continues ahead when the road branches off right. Follow this path and take the first left at point where two paths cross. Then enjoy another long descent.

7 - When you reach the bottom, the Monarch’s Way sign tries to lead you off down a footpath. Instead take the path that leads left and uphill into the woods, and continue westwards along a chalky path until you reach the beautiful village of Findon.

8 - Now find the A24, turn left, and follow it all the way into Worthing. As you arrive in the centre look out for a sign to the train station, which is to your right just after you cross the railway bridge.

Your reward is the Cafe Rosemary at Worthing Station, selling really good coffee at refreshingly-low Worthing prices.

* Time: Three hours, 18 miles.

* Difficulty: Easy to moderate.

* Your bike: Front suspension would be recommended and you’ll need hard pack tyres.

* Thirsty work: Pubs in Upper Beeding and Findon, and Cafe Rosemary at Worthing Station.

* So you don’t get lost: OS 121 and 122.