MEGHAN Markle has dropped a hint that her new Netflix series will be based on her own childhood.

The Duchess of Sussex is to executive produce the new animated programme, entitled Pearl.

Archewell Productions, Meghan Markle’s production company, announced the series will portray the adventures of a 12-year-old girl inspired by influential women from history.

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But Meghan dropped a major hint that the series will be based - at least in part - on her own childhood, by naming both the show and its title character Pearl, the origin meaning of her name.

According to, the name Meghan is “primarily a female name of Welsh origin that means Pearl”.

The name Meghan originates in Wales and is traditionally spelt Megan.

It originally came from the Greek name Margaret, derived from the word margarites, which translates as pearl.

Meghan’s debut children’s book The Bench, which takes readers to both sides of the Atlantic, also draws on her own life inspiration.

Pearl is the second show from the Netflix deal Meghan and the Duke of Sussex signed last year following Heart Of Invictus - a series about the Invictus Games.

Meghan said: “Like many girls her age, our heroine Pearl is on a journey of self-discovery as she tries to overcome life’s daily challenges.

“I’m thrilled that Archewell Productions, partnered with the powerhouse platform of Netflix, and these incredible producers, will together bring you this new animated series, which celebrates extraordinary women throughout history.”

Filmmaker David Furnish, the husband of Sir Elton John, is also due to work on the programme.

Meghan said: “David Furnish and I have been eager to bring this special series to light, and I am delighted we are able to announce it.”

Meghan and Harry signed a major deal with Netflix last year to make films and television series for the online streaming service.

At the time, Netflix said the pair would create “content that informs but also gives hope”.

Archewell Productions replaced Harry and Meghan’s Sussex Royal brand after they quit royal duties.

The name was inspired by their son Archie – combining “arche”, the Greek word meaning source of action, and “well” as “a plentiful source or supply; a place we go to dig deep”.