A NEW comic book has been inspired by a writer's pugs.

Lindfield writer Tim Southwell, co-founder of Loaded magazine and a Telegraph feature writer, created the comic in lockdown last year after being inspired by his two pug dogs.

Earlier this year it was announced that for every comic book sold 50 pence will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Charity as well as 15 per cent of all merchandise sales, to help children with life threatening illnesses.

Tim, 56, and illustrator Jason Measures launched Pugs In Space in November 2020 and are expecting to release the second issue in September this year.

The Argus: The second issue is due to be published in September and a third one is already in the works.

Tim said: "It was a no brainer for us to approach GOSH Charity. Given the all-ages nature of the comic and the amazing work that GOSH does for children, we saw it as an opportunity to make sure that the pugs don't just entertain on space, they put something back on earth as well."

GOSH Charity are grateful for the pledge and has said "the money raised will be hugely beneficial to seriously ill children and their families at the hospital, so for that we'd like to say a big thank you."

The comic sees Major Ron, Lieutenant Lola and their side kick Taser embark on an journey in which they encounter strange characters and adventures, and eventually enter the Catosphere.

The Argus:

Tim got the idea by watching his own dogs get excited when they saw a space film on TV, he was inspired to start a comic book by satirical magazines such as The Simpsons and other comics.

The upcoming second issue follows on from the pugs mission to retrieve the world's sausages that have gone missing, and it turns out they have been stolen by their arch nemesis: Fat Cat.

Issue two sees the pugs crash landing on a planet run by Pablo Escobark who falls for Lieutenant Lola, and mayhem ensues as she tries to escape his clutches.

The comic has received praise from Frank Skinner who said that his eight-year-old son "absolutely loves it" and has even asked to subscribe.

Film actor Nick Frost also commended the publication and it's charity pledge on social media, calling it "brilliant".

Copies of Pugs In Space are available through www.pugsinspace.co.uk