THIS week, I need to tackle a clean-up of my small pond, ready for the garden openings. A beautiful yellow flower that is in full bloom at the moment is the double flowering marsh marigold or Caltha Palustris Flore Pleno.

It is a very pretty shallow water plant which usually heralds the spring with a gorgeous display of multi-petalled, vibrant yellow, flowers which sometimes, in April, completely cover the plant. The green leaves are round and serrated and form attractive clumps.

After flowering, I always remove the dead flower heads and this lovely plant will often flower again in late summer/early autumn. Mine has been in the pond about ten years now and never fails to flower.

This weekend, a beautiful garden opens for the National Garden Scheme near Hailsham. Limekiln Farm in Chalvington is opening from 2pm to 5pm today, Saturday, and tomorrow with entry of £6 on the gate. The garden was designed in the 1930s, when the house was owned by Charles Stewart Taylor, MP for Eastbourne. It has not changed much in its basic layout since then. The planting aims to reflect the age of the 17th century property and original garden design. Well worth a visit and tea and cakes.

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This weekend you’re sure to see lots of young starter plants in the garden centres. Young perennials make a good buy now as they tend to be keenly priced, compared to the larger plants later in the year. They don’t take too long to bulk up if you can look after them carefully.

Very often they will be part of deal they may have, meaning you can pick up enough to make an impact and fill any gaps.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, if you have not already decided what to get your mum, why not show your love for her with flowers, or a plant that might suit her personality or style.

It’s always hard to know what to buy. My top three choices would be stunning tulips, they come in so many beautiful colours. A popular second choice, a gorgeous orchid. Their blooms often last a long time and they can make a real statement. A third option might be some luscious lilies, their big blooms are often sold in bud, once they start to open up, they are truly a wonder to behold.

Tomorrow is also the day the clocks spring forward, meaning many more daylight hours to spend out in your garden, let’s hope the weather warms up too, there certainly seems to have been less of a chill in the air in recent days.

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