A SECOND young swan has been shot at a park.

The first swan was found lying dead in the water at Southwater Country Park in Horsham on Friday.

A Horsham District Council spokesman said the body was taken to a vet and it was confirmed that the swan had been killed by a shot to the side of the head with a ball bearing style projectile - likely to be from a rifle or catapult.

The spokesman said that some time later on the same day, a second swan was reported to have been injured in a similar way.

“This swan was taken by a swan rescue team and is currently being cared for,” he said.

“It has been rehydrated and stabilised and will remain at the rescue centre for now.

Both incidents have been reported to Sussex Police.

The council is offering a cash reward for anyone who can provide information that leads to a successful prosecution.

Sussex Police have been contacted for comment.

The swans were two of three cygnets at the park.

A number of fish were also found dead in the park’s fishing lake in an “unrelated incident”.

The council spokesman said a small number of fish died during a recent spell of hot weather.

“The Environment Agency attended the site and confirmed that the fish died due to low oxygen levels as a result of the hot weather,” he said.

“The council worked with the Environment Agency to re-oxygenate the water which is now at satisfactory levels.”

Anyone with information that could help police with their investigation into the killing of the swan is encouraged to call 101, or go online to https://www.sussex.police.uk/reportcrime.