This Thursday, October 25, MPs will discuss a proposed badger cull in Parliament.

It’s a discussion the Government didn’t want to have, but it’s a vital one as disturbing facts have started to emerge: 1) At best, the rate of bovine TB in cattle will be reduced by 16%.

2) To achieve this, 70% of badgers need to be killed. This will be devastating for the species.

3) No one seems to know how many badgers there are, so how can they kill 70%?

4) For every £1 million saved on reducing bovine TB, the cost to the taxpayer will be roughly £1.5 million.

5) 30 of the UK’s top scientists have publicly said the cull will not work.

6) Several anti-cull farmers have said better biosecurity is the way to prevent the disease.

7) A badger vaccine is a viable option and is being tried in Wales.

8) A cattle vaccine is a viable option, but is blocked by EU regulations.

9) Bill Oddie says it’s wrong, so that’s good enough for me.

OK, so the last one isn’t a great reason, but otherwise the facts speak for themselves. Let’s hope our MPs see sense and get shot of this cull.

Bovine TB is a devastating disease and farmers need support to stop it, but this isn’t the way.

Philip Mansbridge, chief executive, Care For The Wild