Mobile phone users have been left without a service for nearly two weeks after a combination lock code was changed, stopping a provider reaching its transmitter.

Vodafone customers have suffered signal issues after a fault with the company’s Saltdean antenna.

Vodafone revealed it has been unable to fix the issue as it has not been able to access the land where it is located.

Despite it owning the transmitter it is located on land neighbouring Mike Carr’s Coombe Farm off Longridge Avenue.

Mr Carr said Vodafone stopped paying rent to access his land 18 months ago, declaring they would find another way to get to the mast.

Vodafone said when engineers got to the site they discovered the security locks had been changed, delaying repairs further.

The problem means Vodafone users have been unable to make or receive calls or texts when in the Saltdean and Peacehaven area since October 18.

Angry customers took to Vodafone’s message board to lodge their frustration at the lack of progress or news.

One commentator said: “I have lost money through customers not being able to reach me, my son was rushed to hospital at the weekend and no one could reach me and to add insult Vodafone have been totally ignoring the content of my emails and just sending back a standard issue reply insisting it’s my phone at fault.”

One poster said: “I for one have a vulnerable person who needs to have potential telephone access at all times. I’m not exaggerating when I say there are times when it could be life or death, which is why I have a back-up.

“Are the customers in this area or those passing though it not important to you?”

A Vodafone spokesman said: “We’ve had problems with this site since October 18 but engineers are on-site today and we are hopeful that the mast will be up and running soon.

“Repairs were delayed as we could not gain access to the site immediately. We do not own the site and must follow certain procedures to access it.

“On this occasion the security locks had been changed, which caused further delay.”