How I agree with David Gibbons writing about the verdict in the cockfighting case (Letters, October 23).

It makes me wonder just how cruel people have to be before they get a serious and appropriate punishment.

It seems to me the British are no longer animal lovers and cruelty seems to be all over the place, not just here in Sussex. Although Brighton is top of the league as dog-lovers, this does not seem to extend to wild animals – in particular seagulls and foxes.

On October 22, The Argus printed a letter from Roger Musselle, our local “seagull saviour”. He witnessed, alongside his wife and young daughter, a mad, ignorant motorist ploughing through a group of seagulls eating in the middle of the road, killing one.

Anyone who lives here knows these large birds need time to take off and motorists should respect this.

We need to respect all forms of animal life, not just certain ones which appeal.

When downright cruelty is discovered a slap on the wrist will not do – it sends out the wrong message.

This leads to people who have no respect for wildlife at all.

Animal cruelty is a vicious circle which needs breaking.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove