Plans to turn Brighton Pride into a two-day seafront event have been put on hold.

Brighton and Hove City Council was due to discuss the newset-up for the UK’s largest LGBT at a meeting on Thursday.

But at the 11th hour, Pride bosses decided to shelve the proposal, citing administrative and timing issues.

Pride chief executive Trevor Edwards told The Argus he was not ruling out a future move to the seafront.

He said: “We were looking into moving the event to Madeira Drive and asked the council to look at it.

“However, after discussions we decided that it was in the best interests of Pride to keep the event in Preston Park for 2013.”

The future of Pride was in doubt last year following problems with the event’s funding.

They were eventually given the all clear in March, leaving a race against time to put the event together.

Mr Edwards added: “If we went ahead with the plans to move to the seafront we wouldn’t have had a decision until January.

“As a result we would have been running on the same schedule as last year.”

The move would have seen the event spread across two days.

It was hoped the shift would reduce infrastructure costs as well as attract more passing trade.

Organisers explained how they hoped to run the event much like Manchester Pride, which sees a whole street closed off and ticketed.

With Pride spread across two days, the event was also expected to be calmer.

The council’s economic development and culture committee were due to agree to the plans until Pride requested the issue was removed from the meeting’s agenda.

In a letter to Pride partners, Mr Edwards said: “This note is to let you know that after speaking to a number of people and partners, gathering costs and assessing health and safety information for a potential move to the seafront, the decision has been taken to remain in Preston Park for Pride 2013.

“Whilst there was much favourable response to the idea of utilising the seafront there were also many practical problems that would not have been remedied in time.”

Mr Edwards added: “We are constantly reviewing Pride and trying to make it the best it can be.

“There are no immediate plans to move Pride 2014 to the seafront but we are not ruling it out.”

Pride 2013 is set for August 3.