Motorcyclists are to be allowed to use bus lanes – but only on two-and-a-half-miles of roads.

Brighton and Hove City Council has been in discussions with lobbyists about introducing the scheme for more than a year.

Advocates claim the plan for motorised, two-wheeled vehicles will reduce congestion, improve road safety and cut down on air pollution.

Despite some raising concerns about potential casualties, the local authority is to introduce a 12-month trial scheme on parts of two of the city’s busiest roads.

These would be a one-mile stretch of the A23 from Carden Avenue to Preston Drove, Brighton, and a 1.5- mile section of the A259 coastal road from the city’s boundary in Saltdean to the O v i n g d e a n roundabout.

Ian Davey, the chairman of the council’s transport committee, said: “Our prime concern with any scheme is safety for all road users and we have taken into account what other groups have said.

“If we decide to go ahead with this, the scheme will be closely monitored and the results will come back to the committee before any decision is made to introduce measures on a permanent basis.”

The issue will be discussed at a committee meeting on November 27.

The trial scheme would begin next summer with a public awareness campaign to inform all road users.

Other areas which have already introduced it include London, Derby and Reading.

Conservative councillor Tony Janio said he was “delighted” at the news adding he believed it could bring “massive benefits” to all road users.

But he said he had written to the committee requesting the trial be extended to include the city centre where he believed it could make a much bigger impact.

But Coun Davey said: “Actions speak louder than words – and the Tories did not act on motorcycles while they were in power up until only 18 months ago.”

Labour councillor Alan Robins said: “We will want to satisfy ourselves that road safety considerations are paramount before giving the go-ahead.”