It seems I am joining the cycle lanes debate a little late, and missing most of the correspondence.

Nonetheless, I feel I must comment on Sue Baumgardt’s letter (The Argus, November 10).

Is she really saying the more cycle lanes Brighton and Hove City Council creates, the higher the demand will be to use them?

If this is the case, how come the cycle lane in the The Drive is still not being used to anything like its full capacity?

I drive and use both The Drive and Old Shoreham Road every day, and agree you do see cyclists, but they are far and few between.

This is the problem: nobody uses these lanes in any number.

If the demand is not there, it becomes a nonsense to spend the sort of money the council spends creating elaborate feats of civil engineering which hardly anyone will use.

R Hartfree, Hove Park Villas, Hove