Police are searching for a driver who knocked down two cyclists in a hit and run.

Cyclist Matt Scott was left with a broken collarbone and friend Marc Townsend suffered a minor brain injury following the collision.

The pair were cycling along Station Road, Berwick, with friend Mark Tearle when a 4x4 towing a horse box tried to overtake them on Sunday morning (December 9).

As the vehicle passed them the driver had to pull back in suddenly to avoid an oncoming car and knocked Mr Scott and Mr Townsend off their bikes.

Mr Tearle said: “The vehicle must have straddled across the centre of the road as it suddenly made a sharp maneouver, steering into Matt who was struck about midway along the trailer, sending him shuddering out of control into Marc.

“It’s such a blur, it was so quick. I had managed to maintain control but Matt had hit the tarmac hard on his right side, his head just inches away from the wheels of the trailer, with Marc tangled in Matt’s bike striking his head as they both finally came to a halt in a crumpled mess on the floor.

Failed to stop

“The driver of the 4×4 did not stop and by the time we had realised, it was too late to catch his vehicle registration or have the wherewithal to take a photograph.

“The thought that this could have been so much worse will not leave my thoughts.

“The inconsiderate, dangerous action and callous indifference for the lives, health and well being of others, exhibited by that driver is too much for me to even contemplate, I don’t have the words to describe the way I am feeling.”

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police confirmed that officers had been called to the incident just after 10am.

Anyone who believes they saw the 4x4 before or after the collision, or who thinks they know the identity of the driver, should contact Sussex Police on 101.

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