A bungling nurse who was cleared to work in Sussex despite making a number of shocking errors is being investigated for a second time.

Nicanor Sindanum made national headlines after he was allowed to continue to work as a nurse despite being found guilty of 17 serious errors by a nursing panel while working in Scotland.

In June this year a nine-month banning order imposed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in September 2011 was revoked and replaced with conditions of practice order.

This meant that, despite his failings, Sindanum was allowed to start work for an Eastbourne care home so long as he told bosses that he had restrictions placed on him. But now it has emerged that Sindanum faces a second investigation for alleged failings dating from 2009.

These relate to a series of incidents which are alleged to have taken place while he worked at care home Kestrel House in Willingdon Road, Eastbourne, after he left Scotland.

It is alleged while he worked at this home he failed to notice that a diabetic patient’s blood sugar level had dropped too low, triggering a fit.

He is also alleged to have failed to monitor a patient’s fluid or sugar levels and repeatedly administered drugs to a patient despite this not being the care home’s policy. He will face a disciplinary hearing on December 17 in London in relation to these alleged errors.

List of errors

Sindanum was first investigated for failings between 2006 and 2008 while working at a geriatric ward in Aberdeen’s Woodend’s Hospital.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing following this investigation revealed a long list of errors.

It emerged he tried to feed fluid to a patient who had difficulties swallowing, could not distinguish between medical equipment and did not notice when a patient’s oxygen levels fell low.

He was cleared of allegations of handing a patient a salt cellar instead of an inhaler and feeding a choking patient who was turning blue.

He was banned for nine months but in June this year the NMC said he could work at Palm Court Centre of Excellence in Dementia Care, Prideaux Road, Eastbourne, if he met certain conditions of practice.

Separate charges

Yesterday The Argus called Palm Court to ask if Sindanum still worked there, but they declined to comment. Kestrel House, now Coppice Court Care Home, did not return the newspaper’s calls.

An NMC spokeswoman said: “He is subject to two separate charges and hearings. He was initially referred to us in 2009 and a hearing took place in September 2011.

"At that hearing his fitness to practice was found to be impaired and a nine-month suspension order, preventing him from working, was imposed.

“This order was reviewed in June 2012 and the suspension order was replaced with a nine-month conditions of practice order which allows him to work under certain conditions. A conditions of practice order review will take place on the 17 December 2012.

“In a separate case he was referred to us in 2010 and that case will be heard on 17 December 2012.”

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